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Price: Rp 650,000,-

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* Rubber Color:

* Thickness:

Speed: 60

Control: 85

Disruptive effect: 100


The new weapon for blocking close to the table A-B-S is distinctively slower than our current Anti-Spin rubbers Gorilla and Grizzly and offers a much better control. On top of that A-B-S produces a very good spin reversal for a highly effective blocking game close to the table. At the same time A-B-S provides good attacking possibilities through aggressive pushing and lifting, especially on chopped balls. A-B-S and ANTI SPECIAL come with a new rubber mixture for the topsheet and a new type of sponge. Thus the rubbers come very close to our old frictionless long pimples. A-B-S is ITTF-homologated since end of 2008 and is available as from now with the following sponge thickness: 1.2mm 1.5mm 1.8mm The 1.2mm version is the slowest and hence the most effective for short blocking close to the table. The version with 1.5mm sponge is slightly faster and thus a bit more effective for attacking. The 1.8mm version enables both good blocking and most of all attacking.