Gewo Polaris Powerflex Carbon

Brand: Gewo

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The powerful blade for precision in all playing situations. More speed without significant loss of control. Pure, high-tech blade technology perfectly adjusted to the player's requirements. Seven-ply power blade with larger sweetspot, maximum dynamic rigidity, optimum ball control and great feel thanks to natural wood plies. Zero vibration and full directional stability. The ply design is dominated by a special carbon fibre mesh directly embedded under the first ply of premium Koto - the foundation for excellent speed development and great control. The carbon fibres are integrated in an innovative honeycomb compound structure. As a result, the Polaris Powerflex provides for even more dynamics and stiffness. This opens up a whole new dimension of opportunities with dangerous topspin strokes. Thanks to the high bounce, you can produce loads of rotation, particularly in topspin strokes. while the excellent control ratings provide for optimum ball control. Uncompromising attacking at ultimate precision. This blade enables any player to take full risk in their whole repertoire of strokes. Especially, short-arm techniques, precise smashes, counter-attacking and all blocking techniques can be played much better than with standard blades. A perfect blade for any attacker relying on spin variations and dynamics.


Speed:     96
Control:     91
Weight:     90g
Characteristics:     OFF
Layers:     7

Speed: 90
Control: 95
Weight: 80g
Characteristics: OF-
Layers: 5